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House of Hal
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Local Music

The pre-blue crew. Pre Great Blue Heron Festival Party, 2000

I listen to classic rock (103.1) at work, but when I break away, I hit the local scene.

We in Jamestown are really blessed by the abundance of indigenous music! 5 Cubic Feet hailed, and wailed from Jamestown. Next, The Porcelian Bus Drivers, jammed in my basement years ago, and now draw quite a crowd...remember Labor Day Fest guys?... no photos from there. And now yet another blossoming vibrance... Big Leg Emma. Have ya seen them? Powerful, compassinate and Disciplined.

Occasionally, other sounds have made Jamestown their watering hole. Brett Heh, I can say that! or how about Sunny Weather. That was the first time I've ever danced the Big Tree... imagine that. So many others to mention...WOW...double-upside-down WOW.

Amanda and Jeff... Big Leg Emma. Mad Murdocks

Have you heard of Big Leg Emma? I have, but it wasn't until Friday night that I "became" Big Leg Emma. Have you ever been captivated, intoxicated and realated by a sound? Have you ever been looked at, looked down, and around? This is Big Leg Emma, She's coming down.

Here's Brett... in musical bliss. Sharon, Karla and I had a crazy fun night at The Big Tree that night. Thanks John. Check out BCB, a must hear.

Hypnotic Clambake

Maury at Murdocks... 2002

Maury at Mad Murdocks. Thank You! Always disconnect your power before seeing Hypnotic Clambake!! I'm warning you... get ready... ok...sshhh. WOW!  click on Maury or the clam for more info 'bout the OUR Festival, coming soon to Sherman.

Kevin at Mad Murdocks. Pre Blue Heron Festival 2000.

Hypnotic Clambake

OUR festival 2001

Trevor and Corey...

Sunny Weather

Brett Cain Band


House of Hal